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Get your paws on a delicious treat-filled box packed with a selection of  100% natural dog treats! My treat boxes provide a little bit of everything for your pooch to try.

All of the dog treats included have been naturally air-dried to retain as much of their natural goodness as possible. The treat boxes are suitable for all dogs, including puppies, however please always ensure that dogs are supervised whilst consuming these food items.

These treat boxes serve well as a boredom busting enrichment activity for your best friend, or equally would make a great gift for a doggy friend.

There are 3 options avilable, as detailed below:


Small Breed Treat Box - £15:
* Rabbit ear
* Lamb tail
* Pigs ear
* Meaty stick (For example; black pudding, chicken & ham, turkey & rice or lamb & rice)
* Duck neck
* 2 chicken feet
* Porky bite
* Cows ear
* Salmon & cod finger


Large Breed Treat Box - £20:

* Beef tendon
* Lamb tail
* Porky bite
* Cows ear
* Pigs ear
* 2 x rabbit ears
* Crunchy beef lips
* Hot dog stick
* Meaty stick (For example; chicken & ham, turkey & rice or lamb & rice)
* Black pudding stick
* Chicken foot
* Pork roll



Puppy Treat Box - £15:

A mixture of quick rewarding treats and challenging chews to keep those puppy teeth and brain occupied.
* Rabbit ear
* Pork spaghetti
* Porky bite
* Chicken foot
* Braided lamb stick
* Fish finger
* Meaty stick (For example; black pudding, chicken & ham, turkey & rice or lamb & rice)
* 2 Pure meat coins
* A selection of doggy mixtures (dried sausage pieces)

**DISCLAIMER: Please ensure your pet is fully supervised when consuming any treat. Fresh drinking water should always be available.