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Keeping Your Dogs Cool

Here are a few tips to avoid getting hot dogs!

Walk your dog at cool times of the day such as very early morning or late evening. Even if the hottest part of the day is 30 degrees and you walk your dog in 26 degrees they are still at risk. They are wearing a fur coat after all!

Avoid long car journeys on hot days. If you have air conditioning think about whether or not it is reaching the boot - if that is where your dog is travelling. Always make sure their spot is well ventilated. Do not leave your dog in a hot car, even for a few minutes. According to the RSPCA if it’s 22c outside, within an hour it can be 47c inside a car!

It is important to note that Brachycephalic breeds e.g. Pugs, English Bull Dogs etc have a shorter air way than other dogs and therefore will suffer with heat stroke more quickly than other breeds.

Keep cool drinking water readily available. If you must travel take a look at portable water bottles and bowls.

Give your dog somewhere to cool themselves. A doggy paddling pool or a cool pad can be great for this! Toys that can be frozen such as LickiMats, Toppl or Kongs or some even absorb water will also help. Click here to browse the range.

In the home draw curtains and open windows if there is a breeze, your dog can lie down there if they are getting hot.

On hot days think about what enrichment and mental stimulation you can provide for your dog to tire them out so they don’t have to be physically active and risk getting too warm. Things such as scent games, hide and seek with treats around the home and garden, snuffle mats and long lasting chews and antlers to help keep them calm and settled are all fantastic for this.

Visit www.pawpowered.co.uk for any of the items mentioned above. Enjoy the sun safely.

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