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Welcome To The Paw Powered Blog

I'm Jo, and I run Paw Powered along with a 5 Star Dog Hotel providing day care and boarding in Dorking, Surrey. I have two dogs of my own - both Labradors, Bear who is a 2 year old Chocolate, and Sally who is an 11 year old Fox Red. Be sure to keep an eye out for them around the website as they have tested each and every item available for you!

Many of my friends and customers suggested that after caring for hundreds of other peoples dogs over the years, I should share some of my experiences and thoughts on a blog to help others.

So here we are, over the coming months I will write about subjects such as how looking after dogs for a living has led me to understand them in a way I never thought possible, I will share my knowledge of the various behaviour and enrichment programs I have attended too and how you can help your dog live it's best life, along with subjects that other people may find interesting or useful in helping them too understand their dogs needs and even our needs as owners.

I will start with a quick mention of my own absolutely favourite bit of advice; always try to see every action or behaviour your dog makes from his or her, doggy orientated perspective.

Having an understanding of this perspective not only leads us to better understand their (sometimes rather odd) behaviour, it also allows us to modify our own behaviour to either manage, improve or just fit in with your dogs approach to life.

I hope you enjoy reading my blog and I look forward to hearing from you all with comments and suggestions over the coming months and years.

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